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it is friday, february 15th 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." nightmare over. thousands of cruise ship passengers finally reach land. you'll see why the final hours were the toughest. and the sky falls on russia. a meteor rips across the horizon, raining debris shattering glass, and injuring hundreds. the risk you could face from reverse mortgages. and sally field tells us how she nearly missed out on her oscar-nominated role. but we begin this morning
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with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the shocker from out of space. >> hundreds hurt after a meteor rains down on russia. >> leaving several buildings shaken and damaged. >> almost 1,000 miles east of moscow. >> up to 400 people may have been injured. >> hours before a 150-foot-wide asteroid is supposed to pass by. >> hug your loved ones have them close and listen to some arrow smiktd. >> i'm glad to be out of here. >> the pleasure cruise that went very bad is finally over. >> first of all, sorry, carnival, for taking your bath robe. i figure they owed me. >> he murdered his girlfriend. >> there are reports she was shot through the bathroom door.
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>> a rare filibuster. >> i hope one democrat will look at chuck hagel's record and reconsider reconsider. >> just when you thought things couldn't get worse, it's worse. >> christopher dorner is dead. using his dental records, they were able to identify dorner's body. >> a former mayor gambles away from 2000 through 2009 playing video poker. >> all that you go through the preparatory -- >> so you prepare for the sunday shows. >> yes. >> and all that matters. >> that plan -- every once in a while, have some quiet time. time-outs. >> what did you get mrs. boehner for valentine's day? >> on "cbs this morning." berkshire hathaway is buying the heinz ketchup company for
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$23 million. >> his plan is to turn the company upside down and then just wait. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment so james brown is with us. this is a live look at the carnival cruise ship "triumph" finally docked in alabama. we'll show you the video and outrage and comments from executives in just a moment. first, astonishment from russia this morning. >> a ten-ton meteor crashed across the sky. it crashed and injured thousands of people. >> it landed in a mountain range near a famous soviet nuclear weapons site. mark phillips is in london this morning. >> good morning.
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they got an eye opener about 900 miles east of moscow this morning. it was a skyful of biblical proportions, a sky full of fire and brimstone. you've got to see it to appreciate it. this is morning. a cold dawn sky and then this. some of the noise came from sonic booms caused by meteor fragments traveling faster than the speed of sound. but other explosions seem to have come from impact. or you're drivinging to work and you see this. or you're teaching in your classroom and -- or hearing the commotion, you look out your apartment window and then -- the onslaught caused damage to widespread buildings and some
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people. several hundred were hurt many due to flying glass and debris. there are several theories as to what happened. a russian emergency ministry spokesperson said there had been a meteor shower. others said this was all the result of one big meteor. one witness was a canadian hockey player now living in russia and he said he never saw anything like this on the rink. >> i was terrified. i had just hit the snooze bar on my iphone for another nine minutes of sleep and all of a sudden, you know i fell back asleep and i hear this loud bang. i live in a 24-story building on the 23rd floor, and all of a sudden i look up and the lights are shaking and i hear car alarms going off. it was just incredible. >> it's one of those places where weird stuff happens. it was a major weapons manufacturing center in the old
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soviet union days with a history of contamination. meteor sites weren't going to affect them. it was as large as a bus traveling at an estimated 33,000 miles an hour. so this morning henny penny was right, the sky was falling. >> he's really cool. >> i know. he says they're used to weird stuff happening, but 33,000 miles an hour. >> unbelievable. i wonder how the fragrantments got through the frictional heating. unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> dr. michio kaku will talk with us later and we'll talk about being safe ahead on "cbs this morning." and now that cruise that was anything but triumphant. the 4,200 people are finally on dry land after a five-day ordeal
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at sea. >> many of the passengers drnlt leave the ship until after midnight and then had to spend hours more by bus, and even then there was more trouble. anna werner is at the cruise ship in mobile alabama. good morning, anna. >> reporter: good morning, j.b. and norah. that right. the ship came in around 9:15 last night, but for many of the passengers who were finally able to leave that ship they describe a nightmarish voyage one that none of them wants to ever repeat. thousands of passengers erupted into cheers thursday night as the crippled "triumph" finally pulled up to dock. as they stepped onto dry land and into the armed of loves ones, some couldn't contain their excitement. >> i'm really thankful to be back. >> reporter: kendell jenkins said she won the trip in a contest but said it was light
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more like a floating port port-a-potty port-a-potty. >> no ships were coming. no boats were coming. we saw no helicopters. it scared us because we thought the ship isn't notifying or getting known come out and help us. >> reporter: it took more than a day before the first tugboat arrived. as passengers got cell reception, they sent photos revealed squalid conditions sewage seeping through the floors plastic bags used for rest rooms, camp tents on deck and sprawled out down below. some lost contact with their family. >> there was about three or four days we couldn't call anyone and they couldn't call us. >> reporter: many passengers hailed the on board crew as the real heroes. >> they did unthinkable things
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that employees would not do with a smile on their face. they were unbelievable. >> reporter: it took 7 million hours to drag a massive ship on thursday. on thursday the ceo jeremy cahill addressed reporters. >> we pride ourselves in providing guests with a great vacation experience and clearly we failed in this particular ship. >> reporter: he then boarded the ship and spoke to passengers over the intercom. >> i know how difficult this week has been and i can tell you i'm extremely sorry for all the frustration and discomfort you had to feel. >> reporter: some demanded answers. >> why did it take so long for us to get home. that is difficult. >> reporter: carnival chartered busses to take people home. at least one of those buses became stranded on the way to new orleans. passenger jacob combs called cbs this morning to say his bus was sitting by the side of the road as he waited for yet one more
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rescue. well he and other passengers finally made it to new orleans but many of those buses didn't arrive until 2:00 in the morning and their journey is not over. they still have to take charter flights to houston today. other people -- a few had their relatives pick them up in mow bee, and some of them went to hotels and checked in just to get some rest. they'll probably figure out where they'll go and how they're going to do it today. back to you. >> anna werner thanks. the nightmare is orever for the passengers but might just be starting for carnival. peter greenberg is with us this morning. first let me ask you about this ceo of carnival. some critics say he's not done enough. will he take some blame for the this? >> he probably will. mickey arison he went to a
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basketball game the other night. the ceo kept a low profile after the "costa concordia" more than a year ago. it will be interesting to see how much he'll take from this. >> keep in mind you've got over 3,000 passengers on a ship. many have cell phones. they're citizen journalists. they're going to begin to share those photos worldwide. >> tell us what the passengers' rights are in this situation. >> remember, when it came into port, it was not only meant by the u.s. public health service, coast guard, a few ohfficialofficials, there may be lawyers on board. they have to prove those damages. obviously their trip was interrupted, canceled. they didn't get what they wanted. carnival attempted to give them a full refund of everything they did and what they bought except for the gift shop and the casino and just yesterday they threw in an additional $500 and free
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cruise ship going ahead. they're trying to do what they can. remember that doing all that actually resulted in chartering 50, 60 buses, one of which broke down in new orleans. it was not a pleasant trip certainly even when they got to shore. >> it certainly added insult to injury with the bus breaking down peter. do you think this affected the cruise industry? >> carnival took a hit last year with the "costa concordia." carnival is the largest cruise line in the world, 75 ship many different brands. what you're going to see are serious discounts in the next two to three months. you know what? the cruise ship industry is in harnltly safe. nobody's died on the ship.
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if you see a big discount like that, you might want to take it. >> discounts notwithstanding, i can't imagine anybody taking advantage of that. >> i know. people are scared elderly people especially. >> and it's encouraging that the crew did everything they tried to do to make the five numbing days at sea more barable. >> i'm sure they had a tough time taking care of all the passengers. to another potential catastrophe, we're two weeks away from massive spending cuts. and congress guess what? they're taking next week off. they're leaving the fate of chuck hagel hanging in the balance. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, norah. they're going to have to deal with those cuts right away. they're very steep. almost no one around here likes them, they were never supposed to happen, and yet they're leaving town. >> the halls of congress cleared out quickly last night.
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>> how can we leave for recess when we're so close to a sequester? so close to what could possibly have shut down the government. >> it's spread out over 10 years that will start to kick in march 1st. both sides say the cuts are arbitrary, damaging and bound to kill jobs but instead of negotiating to replace cuts, that ire impacting them. >> we can -- if they're willing to pass a bill we'll find some way to work with them to address this problem. >> the sequester will hit the military hardest. $46 billion alone. about 8% of the budget. but they headed home without dispute. former republican senator chuck haig
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>> we need a secretaryf defense on the job. no one, no one knows, especially any united states senator, what foreign challenge will face this country perhaps in the next ten day days. >> reporter: republicans say they still have questions about his policies income and qualifications for the job so in a rare move they filibustered him for the job. >> this time we can and must do better. >> reporter: republicans say they probably will allow haig toll get confirmed when they come back from recess. democrats say if that's the case whierks not just confirm him now? this was supposed to be panetta's last day on the job but he said he'll stick around until a new secretary jenof defense
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is picked. prosecutors in south africa say it was premeditated and more serious charges are coming. the track star known as the blade runner openly cried in court this morning and emma hurd was in court. >> reporter: oscar pistorius broke down in tears, his father trying to comfort him. they've brought in their top prosecutors to handle this case. it's setting the stage for real courtroom drama here. it was a return to the global stage for all the wrong reasons. the world famous athlete before a south african court charged with murdering his supermodel girlfriend. reeva steenkamp was shot
7:17 am
allegedly by oscar pistorius. it looked like a valentine's day gone wrong but something more sinister. they're now obsessed with the south africa golden boy. the secure gated compound in pretoria where pistorius lives is protected. michael sokolove a writer for "the new york times" received a surprising invite during his time,er er. ing a story in 2012. >> he said hey do, you want go to the firing rank and shoot guns. i'm a writer i followed him and we went to the firing range and we shot his 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol. >> reporter: with oscar pistorius as with so many others before him, guns may have proved to be a deadly hobby.
7:18 am
emma hurd, cbs news south africa. in u.s. today they will not send military support. france will lead the fight in mali. right now they provide transportation and diplomatic report. "the washington times" says the u.s. is looking for places to test drone aircraft that could eventually be used in this country. 30 states say they're interested. they the wall street jrnl looks at the racial gap in men's sentencing. the sentence for black men were 20% longer than for white men committing similar crimes. it's the latest in a string of blockbuster mergers in corporate america. and "the washington post" looks at how fish behave on
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medication. a new study finds perch that were exposed to anxiety drugs displayed anti-social behavior. researchers want to understand the pharmaceuticals that end up >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots. if you want big savings, then you want big lots!.
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federal regulators promise a crackdown on tour bus safety saying too many operators are a potential danger. >> they do have records, but yet they aren't addressed until after that fatal accident. we see that time and time again. >> we'll investigate an industry that's had five serious accidents since christmas. and who gets the million-dollar reward for finding christopher dorner? the answer could be no one. we'll show you why. plus a new eye implant
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could allow tens of thousands of people to see again. could this be a game-changer for millions down the road ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by cadbury. no bunny knows easter better than cadbury. dbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at
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cnn has been on the case for some reason giving this boat crisis [ bleep ] wall-to-wall coverage treating the cruise ship like it's the shackleton expedition. >> we can at least visually
7:26 am
connect you to the daughter you have not seen in seven days. >> yeah. you're not heroes guys. it's not a hostage situation or a baby in a well. you've reconnected them? they weren't supposed to see at 26 minutes past 7:00, lots of season -- sunshine. >> t a bufl start -- it's a beautiful start to the day. it's going to end gray with showers. 53 the high. the low to mid 30s now. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. the as great -- it's a great morning on the roads. one accident on russell street at haynes street. a disabled vehicle on 83 north northbound. on the beltway speeds better than normal, 50 on the topside, 40 on the west
7:27 am
side. there's a look at 83 at exit 18. a little sun gary -- sun gary could be a factor. there are new revelations about a police training accident this week. more repurr cushions as well. mike schuh is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. city police say that the academy officer who shot a trainee officer from the university of maryland police is an 18-year veteran. william scott kern has been suspended along with five others. the case is being investigated like why kern continued without the other training officer present. all training has been suspended. i'm mike schuh reporting live. >> thank you . this morning the teen
7:28 am
fatally stabbed following the ravens victory celebration last week will be laid to rest. 15-year-old deonte smith was stabbed to death during a large fight with a group of teens. two other teens were injured that day. smith's funeral will be today. police are still searching for the teen who killed him. a message from ray rice this morning after an impersonator sets up a fake facebook profile page trying to attract women and girls. they were sending private messages with inappropriate content and asking for face to face meetings with the women. rice says he opens it will presuede parents to talk to their kids about online safety. the hollywood a -- casino plans to open table games in the
7:29 am
spring. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, who gets the reward money after the death of ex-lapd officer christopher dorner.
7:30 am
. i think i see my apartment there. >> good eye. they crack down on buses after the latest in deadly crashes. sharyl attkisson has been investigating the risk. she's at washington's union station. >> reporter: thousands of passengers will be taking buses to and from union station this holiday weekend and most of these trips will be safe and uneventful, but we discovered major flaws in a system that can allow unsafe companies to stay
7:31 am
in business. just before the bus crashed last week east of los angeles the driver reportedly yelled out to passengers that the brakes were failing. the bus hit a car, flipped, and slammed into a pickup. >> reporter: three people confirmed dead. multiple, multiple injuries. >> reporter: eight people aboard were killed. they found a brake problem. the company had a satisfactory rating from the government just before the accident. deborah hersman says it's the tragic result of a broken system. she heads up the national transportation safety board, an advisory group that's pushed hundreds of bus safety reservations over the years. >> we've seen companies that are not put out of service until after they have a fatal accident. and so they are inspected. they do have records.
7:32 am
but yet they aren't addressed until after that fatal accident. we see that time and time again. >> reporter: yen chi le says it's the same story told with different faces. she lost her mother in a bus crash that killed 17 people in 2008 2008. that bus also had multiple violations on record and lacked basic safeguards. >> i started to look into it and i realized that everything we take for granted in cars and planes is not how it is on buses. >> reporter: a month after her mom's death, yen chi began lobbying for new bus safety rules. many were passed. the new law calls for safety fitness ratings, seat belts on new buses and standards for roof strength anti-ejection, and rollover protection. but 130 recommendations were left out including ways to tag
7:33 am
repeat offenders off the road which helps is explain why there's been five serious bus accidents in the last month and a half injured or killing scores. tour bus spokesman peter. >> they should have never been allowed to be on the road. they should have been shut down a long long time ago, in our opinion. >> the department of transportation regulate buses. they told us violations by a repeat offender were not considered egregious enough to trigger an unsatisfactory rating. >> it's disheartened and really hard to see other families going through what i've been through. >> after the recent birth of her first child, yen chi is more impatient than ever to see changes she pushed actually enacted on the road. the department of transportation told us it's made aggressive efforts to increase bus safety
7:34 am
and tripled its inspections over the last several years. christopher dorner is the one who died in a mountain cabin after a fire and shoot-out with police last tuesday. john blackstone shows us why money is now an issue. >> reporter: with the police on high alert for a cop killer and a whole region nervously wondering where the next shooting might be l.a. chief police chief says the person who helped finding dorner would be awarded a million dollar. >> a million dollars. >> reporter: two days later dorner was cornered in a fiery gun battle that came after two separate sightings reported to police. karen reynolds with her husband jim called 911 to report donorer had tied them up and stolen their car, potentially making them good candidates for the money. >> we didn't think about that until sitting around the
7:35 am
sheriff's station, we joked about it. >> reporter: another possible candidate rick who was carjacked by dorner and says he reported it immediately to the local sheriff's deputy. >> i called them directly. he said what have you got. i said paul he just took my truck. >> reporter: it may not be who gets the reward if anyone does. it may have been offered with a catch. >> the reward is for a capture and conviction. does dorner's death let the city off the hook? they think not. better for them to give away this money? >> i sthoink. >> reporter: l.a.'s mayor and decision on the money rests with 20 different groups that agreed to contribute to the million-dollar reward. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone los angeles. >> and cbs news legal analyst jack ford. really, do they not have to pay
7:36 am
that reward money, especially to the hostages? >> the question here is this an enforceable contract. we're going back to the first year of law school. well, if you don't have a document that's signed by both sides, it can't be a contract right? the answer is no. you can have a contract an oral side of contract. both sides, there's an offer. starting off, yeah there can be an enforcen't contract, here but the big question is what's the wording and what do the people on the other side do and does what they did fit within the confines of the wording here? >> you know i think the every day reaction is this is kind of lame. the people called them in. shouldn't they get the million dollars. j.b. and i are saying should there be public -- >> the question is we're seeing a little bit of reluctance. we saw one of the officials a few moments ago say here's what the deal is. for the apprehension capture, and conviction of this guy.
7:37 am
now, if that's what the offer says and if you don't want to pay it people are looking at the money and maybe they're thinking you don't have to pay out if you don't have the. the argument is we didn't get a capture and conviction here. we have tragically from this whole story, there's a dead body inside of a building. the flip side is people are going to walk in and say, you know what? it's the spirit of this. we got out there, we were helpful, doing what we wantnd to do. i think as a consequence, you're going to get people on both sides saying let's try to work something out. we want citizens to be able to help out. >> jack ford thank you. and next a ray of hope for the blind. we'll show you why some people could regain the gift of sight. incredible science ahead on "cbs this morning." hey!
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it is a milestone for the blind. the fda has create add new device that could help people regain their sight. how big a break is this for the artificial retina. >> it's huge. its like night and day. they'll be able to see, like somebody put the lights on in a room. >> how does it work. >> basically people wear glasses that has a video camera attached to it. the camera picks up the signal sends the message through the eye. it's connected directly into their brain. >> what will people see? how clear is the vision? >> the vision is not crystal clear. they're not be able to read fine print but they'll be able to walk down the street without bumping into lamp posts and car possibly across the street and
7:43 am
go shopping. >> who would be a candidate for this kind of person? >> currently it's for people diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa but clearly there are thousands who could benefit. >> i have a friend who developed blindness as a result of diabetes. could he get it down the road? >> down the rote it might be good for any condition. diabetes and macular degeneration are excellent examples where the retina doesn't work and this device would be helpful. >> you mentioned pigmentosa. is that something genetic that happens to people? >> yes unfortunately. hundreds of thousands in the usa have it and there's no other treatment for it. so this is a huge milestone. >> i think people would ask how expensive is it? >> right now it's very expensive, like $150,000. like all technology, the cost decreases. i think it will be very affordable within the next few
7:44 am
years. >> and hopefully insurance will cover that. >> exac memories of president kennedy go up for auction this weekend and we'll show you the collection of his personal aide. it covers everything from birthday parties to the assassination. that's next on "cbs this morning." 360 dusters extender, and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ sexy lady, who's that lady? ♪
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why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. today tastes so good. from john f. kennedy's campaign to his as say nation his friend dave porous was by his side. he died in 1988 but now his remarkable collection of mementos goes up for auction. anthony mason has the story. good morning, anthony. >> good morning, j.b. last year when his children were prepared to sell the family home, they discovered he quietly
7:49 am
kept a treasure trove of presidential memorabilia. >> this one the pen that was used to sign the cuban missile crisis, the interdiction. as a close friend and confidante to john f. kennedy, he kept items from his career. up for sale on sunday at john mcinnis auctioneers in amesbury massachusetts, are banners flown on unofficial motorcades and air force one bomber jacket. >> we put down $20,000 to $40,000 as a conservative estimate on the bomber jacket. >> appraiser dan meader. >> it brings them up quite to another level. >> also for sale powers' copy of the official schedule of the president's trip to dallas. november 22 pd 1963. powers was riding in the secret
7:50 am
service car behind the president that day taking pictures behalf his film ran out. >> this was taken at 12:17. this was the last photograph that dave took. >> reporter: 13 minutes later powers' schedule notes "jfk shot." minute by minute he would detail the entire day. >> 12:52. parkland hospital. 1:00, my president is dead. 2:00 left hospital with beloved jackie. carried casket aboard the air force one. >> for meader who looked through the document -- >> to see that and hold it it was really extraordinary. >> less than two weeks after the assassination -- >> this is an incredible series of photo graphs. >> -- powers helped throw a third birthday party for john
7:51 am
the president's house, in the white house. that december mrs. kennedy sent powers this gift a leather-bound book of inaugural speeches. mrs. kennedy wrote, "for dave powers. the president was going to give you this for christmas. please accept it now from me. you and i will miss him most." powers whennet on to run the kennedy library, never stopped serving the man he called "my precedent." >> there are some 60 letters. i understand you saw something you recognized. >> i had this incredible experience. say something across the room that looked incredibly familiar. i walked up to it. it's a pangt of jack and jackie in a sailboat on a yellow background. i heard about this painting my entire life because my stepfather painted it. i had never seen it.
7:52 am
he painted it 50 years sneeg that sends chills. >> yeah, he had been telling me about it. falling meteors cause damage and widespread damage in russia overnight. it was captured on video from many angles. do we need to keep our eyes on the skies? we'll talk with our profess or michio kaku on "cbs this morning." and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears. i've discovered gold. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roc® retinol. found in roc® retinol correxion® deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results, the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold.
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now 4 minutes before 8:00. it remains a nice start to the week's end and weekend. sharon is watching the way to work and marty is over at first warning weather. >> let's take a look at the forecast for the day. it's going to be calm but getting gray. 53 is the high. we will watch for afternoon showers more on the way home from work than school. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> we have a few accidents now the tell you about. one of them on 100 westbound at oak wood. bel air road at 695. putty hill avenue at oakly. one more on eastern avenue at cane street. on the beltway speeds slow on the top and west side, in the 30s and 20s. speeds slow between white marsh and the
7:57 am
tunnel. there's a live look at the delay at the topside at harford road. this traffic report is brought to you by baltimore hyundai dealers. we're learning more this morning about the police training accident this week. the trainee still in bad shape at the hospital. the investigation is far from over. mike schuh has the story. >> good morning. city police say that the officer who shot a trainee from the university of maryland police department is an 18-year veteran. william scoot kern has been suspended along with five others, including the head of the academy. it's been investigated why there were no other officers present. all training has been suspended. the injured officer is at shock trauma with a single bullet wound to his head. i'm mike schuh reporting from city police head quarters. don, back to you. >> thank you. stay with wblgz wjz 13 -- stay
7:58 am
with wjz 13, maryland's news station. coming upper more amazing video as a meteor crashes down. more video o ♪ ♪ ♪ oh-oh-oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ sometimes
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a ten-ton meteor flashes over central russia injuring hundreds of people. what's going on? we'll ask professor michio kaku. >> and experts say reverse mortgages are not for everyone. we'll show you who can benefit the most. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> sun rise of bub lick cal proportion proportions, a sky full of fire and brimstone.
8:01 am
you've got to see it and hear it to toappreciate it. >> it crashed to the ground. causing panic and injuring more than 500 people. >> reporter: for many of the passengers who, able to leave the ship they described a nightmarish occurrence. >> why did it take us this long to get home? >> you've got over 3,000 passengers on a ship many of whom who have cell phones. they're going to begin starting to share those photos worldwide now. >> republicans say they probably will allow hagel to get confirmed when they come back from recess. democrats say if that's the case why not install him now. >> oscar pistorius broke down in tears. the fda has a new tool to help regain sight. >> nobody died on this trip. when you see a discount like
8:02 am
that, you might want to take it. >> discounts notwithstanding, i can't imagine anybody's going to take advantage of it. >> oh, my gosh these poor bastards honestly. >> announcer: "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by allergen. >> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and james brown. charlie rose is on assignment. fragrantments of a giant meteor plunged to earth in russia this morning injured more than 500 people. the meteor broke apart streaking across the sky about 900 miles east of moscow. scientists say the space rock weighed about 10 tons sniet damaged buildings and destroyed windows. professor michio kaku joins us once again at the table. hello once again, professor. >> hello. >> it looks terrible. how was it? >> mother nature has shown
8:03 am
hollywood who's boss. >> yet again. >> a meteor about the size of this studio plowing into russia at about 33,000 miles an hour exploding 20 miles above ground. you can't ask for better than this, okay? it doesn't get better. the meteors at night, you see them several an hour they're the size of a baseball. this one was the size of a house. >> professor, you were here the other day talking about this 150- 150-ton asteroid. you said don't worry. everything will be fine. even the president. does this have dmoeg with it? >> they've run the video backward tracing where it came from. it does not seem to very any direct relationship to da-14 which is by the way going to fly by about in 24 hours eastern
8:04 am
time. asteroids occur in swarms so it's very possible there's a swarm of asteroids around the da-14. look at the moon. it's pot marced with a million marks. >> we're trying not to be potmarked. if heat did not dissipate this what else came through? >> the object came in blew up 20 miles above ground. i was filled with hot gases and exploded like it did in siberia back in 1908. even a bigger one. that was the size of an apartment building. remember the dinosaurs were wiped out in a similar way and we didn't have the space program. >> they have a few questions for you, by the way, but go ahead. >> are there reports of conspiracy theories? >> oh yeah.
8:05 am
they're all over the internet. that's the nuclear weapons site of the old soviet union. they've had a number of contaminations there. some are saying maybe it's the americans testing over our nuclear site. it's busting with the news. this is sensational in russia. >> today we should not have to worry. when we walk out, should we look at the sky? >> i think everyone should look up. we spend all our time look down. it's good to look up. >> that's true. >> these things happen every few decades or -- >> we have no laser beams to destroy that. all right. ing that you very much. it didn't break apart but the cruise ship "triumph" finally limped to shore. >> they first boarded in galveston, texas, last thursday for a four-day cruise and it
8:06 am
took five days to get it towed to alabama. anna werner talked to some of the exhausted passengers. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle, norah, and j.b. you get a sense of what it was like to be on this ship whether it was the bra tresses piled in the hallways for people to sleep on the stewage staining the carpet, wet all even the place, overflowing, passenger bags used as toilets and some say after the first night the engine fire knocked out power to the ship was frightening. >> we're glad to be on land. >> it was a -- >> it was quite an experience. the team made an incredible situation out of bad situation. >> we were treated very well. i was squared the first night.
8:07 am
i was scared when the fire was going on and after they said the fire was out, i felt fairly safe. the boat did lift a lot because of the wind, which was very unsettling. >> you had to sleep with a bath robe beside me so i didn't roll out of bed. >> when the ship finally came in passengers most of them were loaded on to coach buses. they didn't get there until 2:00 a.m. they're still not home today. many of them are taking charter flights to houston and then going onward to home from there. so it's just about over for these people. norah, gail j.b. back to you. >> that is good news. i love to see how everybody is crediting the crew because as bad as conditions were for the passengers the crew conditions are far worse if you ever see the crew cabins. i love that they really rallied for everybody. >> i mentioned the first hour thank god for them. >> and everybody's okay. everybody's okay.
8:08 am
europe's airbus has said it's decided not to use lithion ion batteryies in its new jets. the airbus a-350 was build to compete with the 787 and should be flying this year. he made his first court appearance today in south africa. pistorius broke down weeping while being charged with one count of murder. police say his girlfriend was shot four times in his home early thursday. prosecutors think the killing was pre medicated. the former mayor of san diego admits she stole over $2 million from her husband's charitable foundation so she could gamble. she lost more than a billion dollars in more than ten years most over video poker. lawyers said she has an addiction. yesterday they came one a deal
8:09 am
that will but off prosecution for two years. >> i did borrow the money from my husband's foundation. i always intended to pay it back and i still intend to pay it back and think most of you that know me here would know that i never meant to hurt anyone. >> and losing that much on video poker. at least if you're at a table, you can see you're being encouraged by people. that's a lot of good morning. the sun is out, temperatures starting to climb. we're going to be right now in the mid 30s some folks mid upper 30s. 53 degrees going to be the high this day. we are going to cloud up and there's going to be rain later on, which will do some mixing with wet snow during the over night. we may have slick conditions over morning. same scenario as two days ago. maybe some slick spots.
8:10 am
sally field had to prove steven spielberg wrong to win the part of mary brooklyn kohn. she changed his mind. ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by allergan. talk to your doctor. maybe you'll have a migraine. if you have migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may have chronic migraine. but knowing this thing you're going through has a name means knowing you can find treatments that are right for you. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
you're looking at st. louis, missouri celebrating its 249th birthday today. it's called the gateway to the west because it drew pioneers heading to california's gold rush. anheuser-busch has been there since 1852 and the golden arch is the largest manmade object. >> it's something beautiful to see in person. beautiful structure. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday is right. we have new information for anyone considering a reverse mortgage. the government is calling it safe so why are they making changes to the program? rebecca jarvis shows juice the court martial of a decorated army sergeant. the crime, double murder. that's ahead on "cbs this
8:15 am
morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by usaa representing military members and their families. eorgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs sneezing, fevers... [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion.
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8:18 am
did you have any idea that downton abbey was going to be this successful? >> no, i didn't. it's a very strong group of people. i'm very pleased, very amazed. >> you're proud of it. >> yes. yes, of course i am. i was just thinking -- pausing because i haven't actually seen it, so i don't -- i don't sit down and watch it. >> never? >> no, i haven't watched it. >> you must be the only person
8:19 am
in england who's not watching it. >> well, that's a record then isn't it? >> i love it. the dowager countess always tells the truth. as we learn in that interview maggie smith tells steven she doesn't watch it because she'd only criticize her own acting. you can see that here this sunday on "60 minutes." >> i wondered why she paused. i thought, you don't like the show? it begins with a 911 call. a boy called in a double homicide. that sparked a trial. we're taken inside for a rare look inside a military judicial system. >> 911. >> somebody broke into our house last night. i don't know who it was, but they killed everybody here
8:20 am
except for my sister my brother, and me. >> were you there last night? >> yes. i was just afraid to call. >> and who was shot last night? >> my mom and my grandma. the only people here are me, my sister, and my brother. >> how old are you? >> 9. >> and you've been there all night by yourself? >> yes, with my brother and sister. >> okay honey. >> reporter: matthew pete had witnessed a horror no child should ever have to see. his mother tracy burke and his grandmother karen komer were shout dead in 2007 in kentucky. >> i hear a kubel gunshots going through and some glass breaking and my grandma was screaming that she's dying. >> reporter: math dwloou you told the police the gunman was wearing a camouflage jacket similar to one owned by his stepfather tracy's husband, sergeant brent burke, a military
8:21 am
policeman stationed at ft. campbell. sergeant burke and tracy were going through a divorce. tracy's father wilbur. >> it got really nasty between the two of them and i have to support my daughter. >> reporter: police never found a murder weapon but they believe they had more than enough circumstantial evidence so one month after the crime, sergeant burke was arrested and charged with two counts of murder. >> i'm a father and i'm a soldier, and i need to go home to my family. >> reporter: sergeant burke was tried not once not twice, but four times in civilian court for the murders, and each time a judge declared a mistrial. and then the u.s. army stepped in. major sandra smith. >> we looked into the charges and it was at that point that we determine thad there were adequate charges to move forward with action under the uniform code of military justice. >> reporter: defense attorney nathan brown.
8:22 am
>> there's nothing that definitively links sergeant burke to the crime scene. >> is there any physical evidence? >> from our perspective, no. >> no weapon? >> no. >> no blood? >> no. >> nothing. >> no. >> there would be a court marshal and this time there would be a verdict because in a military trial there is no such thing as a hung jury. >> i'm still stuck -- richard schlesinger joins us at the table -- on the little boy matthew. >> we interviewed him. he's 14 now. looked like the boy next door freckle-faced. he's as eloquent together as any kid you ever met. >> what are the differences, quickly, between the military justice and civilian? >> it's amazing. this homicide case was over in eight days. efficient. >> saturday night.
8:23 am
you can see richard's entire report "honor and dishonor" right here on cbs. and from
8:24 am
8:25 am
25 minutes past 8:00. it continues to be a gorgeous get up and go and entrance into the weekend. sharon is watching the roads, marty is over at first warning weather. >> take a look at forecast. 53 the high, over cast mid afternoon an on. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> still looking at some problems on the road but nothing compared to yesterday. we have an accident right now on 95 northbound at the toll plaza. also an accident 100 westbound at oak wood road. an accident on seven courts --
8:26 am
95 back almost up to full speed. there's a look at the west side. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet. call 877-75-bills. new revelations about a police training accident this week. mike schuh is here with the latest. >> good morning. city police say the officer who shot a trainee from the university of maryland police department is an 18 year veteran. william scott kern has been suspended along with five others. multiple violations are being vie -- are being -- are are being investigated. all training has been suspended. the injured officer is at shock trauma with
8:27 am
a single bullet wound to his head. i'm mike schuh reporting from city police head quarters. >> thank you. allow us to take you back to yesterday morning's rush hour when icy road conditions led to dozens of accidents and at least one death. 60 crashes five dozen were reported in around county between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. a woman was killed in one of them when her suv slammed into a cement truck. in baltimore county, four people are recovering after a police chase ended in front of a local college. the driver failed to stop for a trooper near one of the entrances to the college. the driver wept through a red light hit a car trying to turn and then hit a second vehicle. four people suffered minor injuries. charges are pending. if you are single and living here you're apparently in the right place. baltimore is rated as the second best city for singles in this country. the reasons why there's lots to do here plus lots of places to eat
8:28 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour reverse mortgage might sound like a solution to your money needs but they're also called risky. we'll show you why changes are coming. we'll talk with sally field and how she could win an academy award and we'll talk about the time she gave one of the most memorable speeches in oscar history. >> i remember that. right now we show you this morning's headlines. "the washington post" talks about growing disasters can
8:31 am
devastate crops and bridges. they say that could lead to heavy losses waste, and flood. "the san francisco chronicle" says even moderate alcohol use can substantially increase the risk of cancer. blame booze for about 3% of cancer deaths in this country each year. a third of those deaths come from people who have an average of 1 1/2 drinks day. and the "new york post" says tiffany & co. is suing costco. tiffany is complaining costco has sold knock-offs of its rings for years. it's demanding $2,000 for each infringement plus triple the profits for selling the rings. and "usa today" says florida has won the online beach survey chosen as the best beach town. it's all based on location, location location. clearwater is close to downtown the airport and an hour and a
8:32 am
half from orlando. reverse mortgages are not right for everyone and the government is announcing changes. rebecca jarvis is here. she just conducted a class 101 for me. >> that's what the green room is all about, j. bchlt. >> exactly. what are reverse mortgages in simple temps. >> in this mortgage it pays you and it becomes due with interest when you move out or pass away. they're only eligible for people 62 or older. what everyone has to keep in mind, you still have to pay insurance and taxes on your house when you're living in it and you have a reverse mortgage. >> why would this be a good idea? >> some people see it as a good idea because it's an opportunity to take money out. if you're in retirement and you need extra money to pay the medical bills, people see it as an option but it doesn't necessarily apply for everyone and it can be very costly. the fees are one of the biggest issues with these mortgages because they're very high.
8:33 am
you could pay as much as $12,000 in fees on a 300,000 dlrt mortgage and when all is said and done that's a lot of money. so you have to balance the amount of money you're paying for it with the amount you're getting for it. >> i hear the government has new rules. there's always rules with the government. what are they and will they protect? >> the new rules are part of the solution, but the customer at the end of the day, just like with anything, has to protect themselves. these rules are ball the government backs up the mortgages. $2.8 billion were lost on these mortgages last year. that's a huge amount of money. one in ten of them were in default last year. boroughs put their nest egg at risk. you have to keep that in mind. ultimately the nest egg is their home. it goes back to the bank or is sold when you pass away or move out. sometimes they're evicted because they don't put their name on it. if you enter into a risk loan
8:34 am
both should be on it. >> you see various people endorsing these. what i've heard is sometimes seniors get taken advantage of in these situations. >> that's the unfortunate thing. in all situations where you're dealing with a lender, keep in mind their objective is to make money, so you have to keep that in mind. you also have to make sure you're staying in your home for three years plus to make it really counseled for you and choose that lender wise i. >> lerebecca jarvis thank you. and sally field landed her first movie more than half a century ago. we talk about her role as first lady to the nation's 16th president. >> do you hope you win the oscar? >> i don't care. >> really? >> no, no no. i'd be a lie yar if i said it wouldn't be thrilling. >> reporter: thrilling because it's been 28 years since sally
8:35 am
field took home an oscar but her portrayal as mary todd lincoln at 66 shows she's still at the top of her game. >> i believe you when you say amending this will end -- >> she's ten years older than daniel day louis and mairry was ten years younger than lincoln. steven spielberg thought that was a problem. >> steven called you and said it might not be right. >> yeah. >> what did you do? >> i said call me. he call and said it just isn't going to work. >> despite that spielburg sent the footage to daniel day-lewis. >> he said do, you want the same hair and makeup people? i said hair and makeup people? finch a drink
8:36 am
for a drink? >> he said, oh no. daniel day-lewis is going to come in. >> she passed the test and she became first lady. >> what is it about mary that made you fight so hard? >> it is rare, really rare that a woman in her 60s or any woman, any actor, gets to play such a complicated royal. >> i'm going to send you to the madhouse. >> you do it. don't you threaten me. do it this time. lock me away. you'll have to i swear, if robert is killed. >> did you discover anything about yourself in mary todd lincoln? >> the actor brings the character toward them and they move toward the character, and somewhere you hope to merge and you don't know who's who anymore and what part is me and what part is her and she has changed me and i'm not really sure how.
8:37 am
i'm in some ways sort of afraid to find out. >> reporter: the most visible challenge was a physical one shelf gained 25 pounds for the role. >> they couldn't make the costume more bigger? >> no. it really showed in my face. you can't fake that. the whole point of acting and getting -- being as much this person as you can be is to not fake anything. >> she's been perfecting that approach as an actor throughout her career. she began at age 17 with her starg role as the tv's "gidget." her career soared with "the flying none" and took a serious turn in the '70s with her oscar-winning performance asnorma ray. anne hathaway paid tribute.
8:38 am
>> i can't tell you how encouraging it was that the "the flying none" grew up to be norma ray. >> she called you a vanguard typecasting. what did you think of that? >> i thought it was very nice of her. extremely nice. i thought, oh, yeah, right. it's been so hard. it will be easier for her. i think it will be easier for her. >> why do you think it's harder for you? >> it was a different era. i came from situation comedy television, and in those days you didn't get out of it. >> do you look back at that 17-year-old girl and wish you could have told her something? do you have any regrets? >> i have regrets. everybody has regrets. they're more around my parenting skills i have regrets. oh, gee, couldn't i just go back and have a few more weeks with peter when he was like 8 and a few more months with eli when he was 5? >> she has three boys from two
8:39 am
separate marriages that both ended in divorce. >> you try so hard as a parent but you realize as you keep going and developing and turning over the earth and you look back and go oh gosh, i wish i had. done that. >> through all her fame there was that particularly mem or only moment her speech at the academy award. >> you like me. right now you like me. >> when she won her second oscar for her second role for "places in the heart." >> last time i won an oscar, i was unable to feel i had even won it because it was so awesome, shocking. and i told myself if i ever was up here again, i would feel it and lielz that no matter what i say to myself tomorrow and the next day, right now you like me. it means my work for this second in time maybe not tomorrow and maybe not ever again, but i own this second. >> nice. >> field is two for two on oscar
8:40 am
night winning both times. this year her role is up for best supporting actress and is facing off against four much younger women. >> range, substance, and intellect is what i took away from her. how does she impress you. >> oh, yeah. she's 66 so she's been alkting for nearly 50 years. she's down to earth and an incredible actress. >> she seems to me to be in a good place. if she doesn't, she'll be lrpt and if she does she'll enjoy the moment. >> it will focus the attention on mary todd lincoln and a lot of people say there would not be an abraham lincoln without a mary todd lincoln because she encouraged him in politics. >> and if you know you're right for it you've got to fight for it. they get an
8:41 am
good morning. the sun is out. it's not going to be with us through the bulk of the day. let's keep looking at had a shot for just -- well, take a look at forecast for the day. a high of 53 degrees. let me give you the progression today. it's going to be get cloudy, we're going to have rain come in during the afternoon. to be quite honest about it, that's going to mix with some snow. tomorrow morning may be a little bit
8:42 am
8:43 am
students at a new orleans high school are surrounded by drugs, violence, teen pregnancy, and homelessness. it has certainly taken its worst. now it's become a charter and they're taking on a fight to save the kids. >> reporter: more than half its students fail to graduate. >> there was people just killing. >> reporter: controversial education former steve barr and his team have been charged with transforming the school's troubled platform. >> i've got five years to turn this school around or they fire
8:44 am
me. >> reporter: dr.he's the new principalpris principal principal. with a new staff of teachers and counselors -- >> this is my first year teaching. >> reporter: and volatile students in desperate need of leadership. >> don't give anybody a reason. >> reporter: the future of john mcdonagh is in danger. >> he's come from a chaotic state and all of a sudden they start popping 10 cents worth of candy. >> don't you ever disrespect me in my house again. >> principal marvin thompson joins us at the table again. in blackboard wars, something stood out. you stand a better chance of being murdered at your high school than being shot in afghanistan and these children are hard core. >> children are children i don't care where you are. we as parents, community
8:45 am
educators, we've got the community to set the stage for them. whatever environment they're in we've got to take on a role. that's purposeful but the surprise is that these young people are just like every other young person everywhere else. >> you say like every other young person. are they seek guidance as well? ? >> it is the perception. sa lot a lot of what's saving them is i find them to be extremely engaging inquisitive. they have the same hopes and as pier ragss as everyone else. they don't have the same beginnings. they don't have the same opportunities. there are a lot of obstacles that many of these young people none of us have never had to face. >> i always believe if kids don't think you care they don't care what you think. and at your school it says four principals in the last six years. are you staying? >> i'm staying. listen. some of these kids the lives of
8:46 am
these young people will be with me for the rest of my life. they have impacted me in ways i never expected. i think if you talked to my teachers they'd say the same. what i know is they need stability and continuity and right now we're seeing positive changes just from what my staff has led in terms of stability. >> they say it's because the unions and their empowered influence has been reduced. how are you changing things? how do you transform a school? it's such a tough job? >> it is a tough job. i don't think there's a one-dimensional way to do this. i think gayle said it earlier, we start out by letting them know we care about them. there are issues we're aware of but we also have to overcome them. there's a balance of learning. you have to define what it looks like. we need to love them but we
8:47 am
don't need to love them to failure. >> i wish we had more time pbecause i'd like to underscore the importance of having a black male to influence them but continued success to you. >> thank you very much. thanks for having me. the name of the show is called "blackboard wars," it's on own. we'll take a look back at the week here. it was a busy week here. coming up next on "cbs this morning."
8:48 am
8:49 am
we'll take a look back at the we'll take a look back at the tomorrow on "cbs this morning saturday," a whistle
8:50 am
blower tells cbs news he warned phis bosses about battery problems on 787 dreamliners years before the battery fire. that's tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning." >> that does it for us. charlie be l bewill be back on monday. j.b., thank you for being with us. we had great time. let's take a look back at the week that was. >> and the grammy goes to fabled group fun. >> how do you have a good time? >> it's an english brew. >> what stood out for you? >> well, jennifer lopez, of course. >> this is for charlie rose. >> i've never heard him say i want to reduce u.s. influence in the world. >> you never heard him call himself as a liberal before the election. it looks to me the president made choices based in part on people who won't argue with it. >> some have described the state
8:51 am
of the union address ambitious. some say part of it is already dead. >> if he really wanted to get things done and governed he would come here and work with us instead of campaigning around the country. >> so you'd like to see a proposal built on with respect to gun laws. >> i i'd leak to see one that works. >> breaking news from vatican city. pope benedict xvi says he will resign. >> while it is a bombshell as a pope hasn't resigned for about 600 years. >> but he said it's because of his work. >> when you come, two, this is what makes it great. >> you rip it up and start over. >> so what would happen if an asteroid actually hit the earth? >> well to be frank, it would really ruin your days. >> they're rising from the dead. >> at least four people called the police to think if it was
8:52 am
true. who thought that was funny? >> the best in show winner, the afternoonfenpinscher affenpinscher. >> the affenpinscher is lively, affectings affecti affectionate and friendly. that's why i like him. >> in your next hotel, could you make sure there's another? >> thank you. and i promise not to tell anybody what i saw here this morning. >> thank you. >> what would it get to -- >> to take my clothes off again? >> we miss the mustache but you look good. >> have you taken it up this high before? >> no. >> you're the first. you're the first one. >> all right. >> kate middleton? come on? >> i know. >> the first thing we have to do is get tall. >> i have to look at your boots. >> you had a very fine looking
8:53 am
dress on there. >> thank you, charlie. listen. she majored in journalism and said if she wasn't -- >> what would do you? >> oh, you
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
the officer who shot a trainee from the university of maryland police department is an 18 year veteran. william scott kern has been suspended along with five others, including the head of academy. it's been investigated including why no supervisor was present and no other officer was present to make sure no loaded guns were being used. i'm mike schuh reporting . the teen stabbed to death following the ravens victory celebration will be laid to rest. 15-year-old deonte smith was stabbed during a fight involving a large group of teens. who other teens were injured that day. smith's funeral will be held today. police are still searching for
8:57 am
the teen with the knife. a message from ray rice this morning after an impersonator sets up a fake facebook profile and page to try and attract women and girls. a publicist for the ravens running back says they were sending private messages with inappropriate content and asking for face to face meetings with the women. rice says he hopes this will persuade parents to talk to their kids about online safety. a judge denied john leopold's motion for a new trial. he denied the motion on wednesday. sweeny convicted leopold of misconduct in office last month and leopold resigned a couple days later. he's scheduled to be sentenced on march 14th. maryland is just weeks away from casino table games. hollywood live is planning on more than 120 gaming tables by later in the spring also.
8:58 am
the move comes after voters approved gambling. if you're single and living here you're in the right place. kiplinger magazine rated baltimore
8:59 am

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